Visa, his two brothers and one cousin set out for a two week journey in Tanzania. Afterwards he says that their couple of nights stay with Duara is what he remembers best of the 15 days: “I think it says a lot.”

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Likamba is close to a major town in Tanzania, Arusha. It was relatively easy to access by local minibus and motor cycle taxi. Still, Visa was happy it was real countryside, as authentic as they were looking for. The material resources in the village seemed like a fraction of what a Finn is used to, but Visa felt that was also important to learn about. He also noticed how much elders are respected in Tanzania. 

It was the first time in Sub-Saharan Africa for all the four young men. They were quite excited to go. They heard about Duara from a friend and wanted to try it as a way to get a real feeling of the local life. And they did.

Visa narrates, how they went to collect firewood and fetch water with the host family’s donkey and children. These kind of trips are everyday reality for many local children. 

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They tried to milk the local cow, had some success even, but “did not come to really master it like the local mother of the family”, Visa says. This is why Duara was established. To share the everyday life. The everyday that is usual for the hosts, but unusual for the guests.

The four guys also had some tricks up their sleeve to share with the hosts. They impressed the kids with volts, other gymnastic tricks and taught them how to make paper airplanes. 

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Though the guys stay was exciting with visits to a local Maasai market and small climbs to nearby hills to view Mt. Meru, Visa says they felt very safe throughout their homestay. It was easier to access local market and other activities with a local host.

They also ate everything they were offered during their homestay, more than they would have dared to eat in a hotel and stayed healthy all the time. Visa tells that the family gave them only boiled water and seemed very much aware of health concerns of travelers. 

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The four guys stayed in two different families, but spent all their time together, even ate together. They ate along with the families and spent a lot of time talking with them.

“I think we were quite active visitors and the families got something from us too”; Visa says. Sounds like they did. 

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Photos by the travellers: Amos, Kuisma, Visa and Pirkka. Text by Saara Nokelainen.