Feature the story of these villages and transform the future of travel


Feature the story of these villages and transform the future of travel

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We started Duara because we believe people are seeking for real encounters and cross-cultural understanding wherever they go. Duara is  for anyone looking for something more than hotels and beaches filled with other travellers. Cover our story to make travelling more responsible and bring income to those who deserve it – local families.

Duara's story

May 2015
Winner of the Impact Business Competition by Aalto University

Company founded and brand launched

December 2015
Business partnership grant of 50000 euros from Finnpartnership

January 2016
First country, Tanzania, launched

May 2016
Participant in Summer of Startups accelerator by Aaltoes

August 2016
Second country, Sri Lanka, launched with Weconomy Program of World Vision

October 2016
FFF Round with valuation of 250 000 euros

November 2016
Selected to Pitch at Slush100 among 6% of companies attending Slush

December 2016
Indonesia and Vietnam launched

February 2017
A grant of 50 000 euros from Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes

March 2017
Participant in Cherry on Top accelerator

June 2017
Ambassador Program launched

September 2017
Nicaragua launched  

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