Co-create Duara with us and shape the future of travel


Co-create Duara with us and shape the future of travel

Our ideology.

When we travel we want to meet local people and see real life. We dream about being treated as family members, not as guests. Most of all we want to value and benefit locals wherever we go.

Duara Travels gives you access to village life in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We believe that by choosing the right alternatives we can value destinations as they are, not as they are built for visitors. Our service gives you one of these choices. See our business model.

Duara is from Swahili and means circle. That is exactly what we create in our villages by connecting families with each other, to offer you experiences that last for a lifetime.


Our story.


We are Annika, Elina, Johanna, and Juho, the people behind Duara. 

We  found each other in spring 2015 with the help of mutual friends, and a little luck. We quickly realized that we shared many fundamental values and a love of travel, so we participated in a social entrepreneurship competition over a weekend last  May. That weekend Duara was born. 

We all share the same passion for sustainable travel, but the spark to create Duara came from different directions, and from varying personal perspectives in each of us.

Annika is a world traveller with a personal calling to design ethical services, and travel seemed to be an area where service design could have a meaningful impact. Few years ago she envisioned a travel service that would empower both travellers and locals to make a difference in emerging communities... the heart of the Duara concept.

Elina grew up in a warm-hearted  family with parents who spent their professional lives devoted to building cooperative development efforts in emerging countries. Growing up she lived in Tanzania and learned to appreciate people from many cultures and backgrounds. Today she is dedicated to using her experiences to help improve people's lives through sustainable business opportunities.

Johanna was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age and has spent most of her free time since then discovering the world. She studied in the travel industry and now seeks to combine her passion for travel with her desire to contribute to making tangible, meaningful change in the world.

Juho discovered Duara last spring at a startup event and was captivated by the vision and possibilities he saw in the concept. Juho is our IT specialist, and enjoys both the complexity and freedom he finds in creating code. He is always seeking new and authentic experiences in his travels, and is eager to continue building the adventure that is Duara.

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Build Duara with us.

We are looking for:

  • Local partners with strong links to communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America: NGOs, micro finance groups, community banks or other organizations with local networks.
  • Sales and marketing partners in the travel industry willing to offer alternative experiences to their conscious clientele.
  • Advisors and investors with a desire to contribute to local development with significant economic impact on communities we serve.

We believe that the most profitable businesses in the future will be those solving big societal challenges. Duara wants to become one of the problem solvers.

You are welcome to join the adventure.

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