Tea time in the rainforest

  • Tropical rainforest
  • Tea plantations 
  • Buddhist simplicity

Are you up for a getaway in the midst of green hills, tea plantations and tropical spices? This village is located on the border of a major rainforest reserve, Sinharaja and you can find some waterfalls and trek trails nearby. 

Some of the most warm hearted people you will ever meet live in this green neighbourhood just outside Neluwa town. After the hectic Western lifestyle, the peace and simplicity in this village can surprise you. 

The people of Neluwa make a living from the goods of their fertile soil. Your home will be surrounded by hilly tea plantations, paddy fields and trees carrying some of the Earth’s most tropical fruit and spices. 

Staying in Neluwa gives you a sneak peek into the homes, lives and traditions of Sri Lankan Buddhists. If you’re lucky you might get to attend some Buddhist festivities or visit the temple with your family or neighbours. 

Prepare to get spoilt with famous Sri Lankan hospitality, home cooked curries and tea. Lots of tea!   

Prepare to get spoilt with famous Sri Lankan hospitality, home cooked curries and tea. Lots of tea! 



PRICE of the stay IN NELUWA:

32 EUR / person / day

32 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
34 EUR if you stay for 4–6 days
38 EUR if you stay for 2–3 days


  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan, bedsheets and towels
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities of the community
  • pickup from Neluwa bus station

Things to do IN NELUWA:

  • Learn how to grow, pick and prepare the high quality tea the country is known for. 
  • Go for a walk to a Buddhist temple nearby. 
  • Visit local school and have a chat with teenagers. Ask Duara contact Anil to take you there – he's day job is to teach English to those pupils. 
  • Take a day trip to the waterfalls in a rainforest and visit a tea factory on the way. Be prepared to cover some small transportation costs (about 1000–1500 rupees).
  • Perform a song or dance from your own culture. The villagers will love it! 
  • Take a shower outdoors or in a stream. Ladies, you’ll have to wear a towel during the whole process!



When travelling with Duara 15% of your payment always goes to local savings group. In Neluwa the savings group consists of local low-income families that collect money together and lend it as a low interest loan for those in need, for example to build a house or cover unexpected costs such as funerals. Every new year they share the money that is left among the members.


The overall experience

Communication with the Duara Contact

Hospitality of the host family

Sense of security in the village

Facilities in the home you stayed in


"Didn’t really know what to expect from our first Duara stay. But truly amazing it was. We got accommodated at super nice family and our stay turned to be the one of the most culinary engaging of my whole life. Food was amazing. Our baby girl got taken care of when we were busy with something or when she was just running around the house. Village itself is really verdant. It got some tropical vibe because of all the birds, fruits and trees. I would recommend Neluwa to anyone who want to just kick back and enjoy good food and tea straight from the backyard. When we got back to place more popular among other travellers my first thought was that “actually, why wouldn’t we go back there right now”?"



"I was very happy with this family and everyone was very nice."



"When I think about the experience it brings tears into my eyes. Definitely the best trip I have ever taken! The family even started to call us their sister and brother - aka and ayja. ❤ It is the biggest compliment one can get."

Sonja and Janic, finnish travellers, visited neluwa december 2016


"Neluwa is an extremely beautiful village in the mountains. The houses are sparsely spead out so you really feel like being in a village, not in a suburb. The family was very friendly. Duara's contact person Anil took me to a local tea factory and a water fall, both definitely worth seeing. I also went to swim in a nearby river with a group of kids, which was a great experience. Despite my short stay, I came home with a lot of beautiful memories."

Hanna, A finnish traveller, visited neluwa december 2016


"In addition of meeting so nice and caring people (especially for our 1 year and half daughter), we also met ourselves. Being in this so quiet and relax environment was for us a way to slow down and disconnect from outside world. Being in this family who live very simply but seems to be happy the ones with the others help us to reconsider the way we live and we consume, and how we interact with other people in our daily life. So, thanks to this family and to the people we met around in the village for letting us watch their life witch in so many points is so very inspiring for us."

Tony and Laetitia, French bloggers, visited Neluwa September 2016


You can take a bus to Neluwa from Galle. The ride is slow and safe, thanks to the tiny roads and old buses. Take your time to enjoy the picturesque journey. If you are not in the mood to enjoy a slow ride, you can always just get a taxi. There's a good road from Weligama or Matara and it takes only a bit more than an hour from there to Neluwa.

Buses and taxis are also available from Colombo. Ask Duara contact Anil to organise a lift. From Colombo it costs about 50€ and takes 2,5 hours.


Congratulations! You are one step closer to Neluwa.

Book your stay by filling in this form and we will get back to you in 48 hours. Notice that things in these villages do not always work as fast as you might be used to. The Duara Contact will need some time to organise things. We hope to receive your booking at least seven (7) days before the beginning of your stay. 

Elina from Duara is ready to answer your questions. Just send an email to elina@duaratravels.com.

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