Sound of Music meets Africa

  • Breathtaking views
  • Maasai culture 
  • Farm life

Likamba makes you forget that you are only 10km away from the busy, dusty life of Arusha city. This village gives you an idea of what the real life of Maasai people is today. Some of the old cultural habits (including diets) persist, but most of the villagers live in brick houses and use Whatsapp daily. 

Farming is the main activity in Likamba. Some of the families have many domestic animals - let your Duara Contact know if you prefer a furry family or not.  

The green view is spectacular: hills upon hills upon hills. You might feel like putting on some leather pants and yodeling. But when you see the colourful clothing, the herds of cows and goats, and the motorbike taxis going around, you realize that you are not in the Swiss Alps but in a beautiful Maasai village in the highlands of Tanzania. 



“We are two designers from Arusha. We are happy to be part of Duara team because we love to meet new people and make new friends. We promise you will enjoy your visit in Arusha – there is so much to enjoy here.”

PRICE of the stay IN LIKAMBA

22 EUR / person / day

22 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
24 EUR if you stay for 4-6 days
28 EUR if you stay for 2-3 days

  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan, bedsheets, towels and mosquito nets
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup from Arusha with a motorbike

If you stay in a farmer family you can join their baba to the "shamba", farm.

If you stay in a farmer family you can join their baba to the "shamba", farm.

This family has goats, donkeys, cows, chicken, dogs and a cat. Welcome to the Zoo!   

This family has goats, donkeys, cows, chicken, dogs and a cat. Welcome to the Zoo! 


There are four Duara families in Likamba, all very close to one another. You really stay in a community here.

There are four Duara families in Likamba, all very close to one another. You really stay in a community here.


  • Go work on the field and get your farmer’s tan on!
  • Feed the animals, milk the cow or practice your shepherd skills.
  • Pop by at a traditional tribal village nearby. Ask your Duara Contact or your family for help to get a bodaboda (motorbike taxi) there. 
  • Cook and eat like a Maasai. 
  • Take long walks through the hills and enjoy the scenery.



Communication with the Duara contact

Hospitality of the host family

Sense of security in the village

Facilities in the home you stayed at



“We had no idea what to expect arriving to Likamba. We were welcomed by the friendly and super helpful Doreen and Suzzy. 

The village and the picturesque surroundings were a very positive surprise. Lush rolling hills, villagers working on cornfields and the magnificent Mt. Meru looming in the distance.

We were lived with Mama Jeremia and her kids. The accommodation was simple but well good enough for us. We communicated with broken swahili and Mama's equally bad english, but everything went well. The family felt a bit reserved at first but warmed up during the couple of days we spent in the village. The food was very simple, boiled sweet potatoes and cassava with tea in the morning, ugali in the afternoon and soup in the evening. The best meal was the chapati with greens and beans we had the other night with another family of the village. 

After hard traveling and social life we could have used a bit more privacy, but the curiosity of the children was very understandable, since in my understanding, not many mzungus had set foot in the village before us.

The most memorable moment of our stay was milking a cow while watching the sun rise from behind Meru.”

Juho and Linda, Finnish travellers, visited Likamba in May 2016


"We had a great week in Likamba, Arusha. We stayed with mama and baba and their youngest children, but during the week we got to know their other children and grandchildren as well. We were able to take part their daily activities and learn about their life. During the week we for example learnt how to milk a cow, how to cook chapatti, ugali and many other local cuisines, how to negociate the price for a cow, how to take care of your fields and how to count in swahili. 

We had a room with double bed and mosquito net and family boiled us some water for washing every night. There was a possibilty to charge your phone with usb from solar panel, but no working sockets for computers etc. Family also took care that we always had something to eat and drink (really, we could have dealt few hours without cup of tea in our hands as well!). We were able to go for a walk in a beautiful neighbourhood any time and if we wanted, we were able to have some time alone as well, but at least we enjoyed spending most of our time with family and cooking, playing with children, relaxing or taking care of the house with them.

So, we are more than happy to recommend staying in Likamba, just take some drinking water, toilet paper, suncream for day time and woolly socks for cold nights with you, have a open mind and you are ready to go!" 

Laura & Emilia, Finnish travellers, visited Likamba in June 2016


The best and definitely most fun way to get to Likamba is by motorbike. And better yet, the ride is on us. Someone will come and pick you up from the Njia ya Shule bus stop in Arusha. You can take a minibus from Arusha centre to Njia ya Shule (direction Ngaramtoni). In case motorbikes freak you out, you can always decide to take a taxi (and pay for it yourself).


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