The village of a thousand stars

  • Red Kilimanjaro soil
  • Hiking through hills
  • Cozy neighborhood  

Lembeni is in the Kilimanjaro area and on a clear day you can actually see the “Roof of Africa” from here. The village is surrounded by green hills that invite you for a hike during the day. At night you can pop in a local bar where villagers gather to have a cup (or 10) of local sugar cane beer. Breathe in some fresh air and admire the thousands of stars above.

Agriculture is the main livelihood here. When staying in Lembeni you can see if you have what it takes to become a vegetable farmer or a fish keeper. Don’t be surprised if you bump into your neighbors milking a cow or someone climbing a tree for fresh fruit.

This village won’t let you leave after just two nights, so we recommend you to stay a bit longer. We have a feeling that you need some extra time to enjoy this vibrant neighbourhood and its friendly people to the fullest.




PRICE of the stay IN LEMBENI

24 EUR / person / day

24 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
26 EUR if you stay for 4-6 days
30 EUR if you stay for 2-3 days

  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan, bedsheets, towels and mosquito nets
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup from Lembeni bus stop


  • Buy meat at a local butcher’s - one of the shops is owned by the village leader Herself. 
  • Get your hair braided or cut in a local hair salon. Only for the adventurous!
  • Hike to the hills nearby. Remember to bring lots of water. 
  • Go to the market with your family to learn about produce grown in the region. 
  • Ask someone to take you to the rumored hot springs nearby.
  • Some of the parents in our circle are secondary school teachers so you can ask them how to get involved if you wish.




Overall rating of the stay

Avg. 4,75/5

Avg. 4,75/5

Communication with the Duara contact

Avg. 4,8/5

Avg. 4,8/5

Hospitality of the hosting family

Avg. 5/5

Avg. 5/5

Sense of security in the village

Avg. 5/5

Avg. 5/5

Facilities of the home you stayed in

Avg. 4,2/5

Avg. 4,2/5


"We stayed with Haruni and his family for a few days just before Christmas. We had the pleasure to meet many of his children/grandchildren who were home for the holidays. Haruni showed us around Lembeni and also a local Maasai village where we got to meet family, friends and former students. We also got to visit the local attraction, the lake, Haruni's tree planting projects and a hot spring. We happened to run into one of Haruni's good friends, who was soooo excited to meet us! He gave us a live chicken, which we ate for supper that night! It was a display of pure kindness and joy, which made us feel very, very welcome. We were able to take in some nightlife at the local bar, which ended up with us being fed some more delicious meat. The communication with Haruni before and during our stay was excellent. This was truly a fantastic and positive experience and we strongly encourage everyone to stop in at Lembeni if you have the opportunity! "

Curtis & Kerrie, canadian travellers, stayed in lembeni december 2016


"We are five ladies on our 60s from Finland. Most of us had never been in Africa. Our visit in Lembeni was wonderful as we experienced the special friendliness Africans are known of. Great hospitality. Our host families were kind and shared their wisdom of life with us. We saw a lot, experinced a lot and learnt a lot. We will always remeber this experience and we are so proud we did this!" 



"Lembeni is a very beautiful village surrounded by picturesque mountains. The family we stayed with for 5 days had great hospitality and we got to taste many delicious delicacies. 

The father of our host family invited us to see his tree planting and growing projects, real Maasai villages, nearby hotsprings, local markets and a famous once a week Maasai market. So there is lots to see in Lembeni but unfortunately this wasn't free for us. Traveling in Africa for nearly two months we should have known to ask for a possible price beforehand but somehow we misunderstood that we don't need to pay for a ride if the father wants to drive us around the village. We are happy that we experienced  what we did but probably we wouldn't have used our host father's car. We would have taken a public Dala Dala transport instead. So future travelers bare this in mind and ask before being taken by car anywhere, just to avoid any awkward moments. It's also possible to support the father in a monthly basis if you wish to help him in his tree planting project. 

Overall we had a splendid time in this lovely quaint mountain village and highly recommend Lembeni for anyone going to Northern Tanzania."

TITTA & THOMAS, FINNISH Vloggers, visited Lembeni October 2016

See their videos:


We had a nice stay with teacher Haruni's family in the cute roadside village of Lembeni, in the foot of the Pare mountains. The family included Haruni, his wife, their grown up daughters and their children. The big family was very inviting and apparently used to hosting foreigners. The best moments we had preparing the dinner with the daughters and eating chapati outside in the evening, under the starlit sky.

There is a nice path leading up the mountain side. You can reach the top of the mountain in about 1,5 hrs, unless you (like us) miss the last turn left, in which case you should just backtrack a bit when the going gets rough and try the other path. The view from the top is beautiful. Just leave for the trip early enough. Crossing the dry ravines in the foothills in the dark can be a bit unnerving.

The room was very decent but had a bad soundproofing, so we ended up waking quite early to the sounds of the family, the chickens etc. So just have some earplugs with you if you want to sleep later.

The only thing we found a bit questionable was mr. Haruni showing us his grandkid's boarding school and in the end asking us to donate for his education. We understand his position well, but also felt a bit used in a way.

But besides that the whole visit was very pleasant.

Another must-do: if there is a cloudless night, there is a very nice view to Kilimanjaro from the road. You can ask for chairs from the bar and have a cold Kilimanjaro beer while looking the sunset color the mountain depicted on the bottle.

Finnish travellers Juho and Linda, stayed in Lembeni June 2016


"If one wishes to stay in a place where they can experience Tanzanian way of living  in the countryside from within rather than as a tourist one have certainly found the right address. I stayed at Mary’s place for the weekend and I must say that the experience absolutely amazing. The minute you step into this house, the habitants of this house make you feel like you are part of the family and they definitely made me feel as if their house was your home away from home. Other than being part of the community you also get to learn how to cook some traditional Tanzanian food,  you can go hiking to the mountains or wonder around the village and greet the friendly people living in this cute little town. In this village time stops and you have time to relax and live in the moment. I would highly recommend people to visit this village for the weekend or so when travelling in Tanzania."

A Finnish traveller Miriam, stayed in Lembeni March 2016


The lovely Ikilomalla vloggers visited Lembeni and made this video where they cook Finnish glühwein in the village. See the video in Youtube to be able to see the English subtitles.


Lembeni is easy to access from both Moshi and Arusha by bus going to Dar es Salaam. From Arusha the bus ride takes about 3 hours and costs 3 dollars. From Moshi it takes one hour and costs about 2 dollars. Just get off in Lembeni and hold on for someone to pick you up. If you want a quicker and more comfortable ride, you can always get a taxi. 


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