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If you secretly (or very openly) dream about living in a fisherman’s village, this community in the southern part of Zanzibar is for you. 

Most people in Kizimkazi live off of the sea. Fishermen and villagers gather to the beach every morning at 6AM for an auction of the fresh catch of the night. On a good day you might get to buy a shark. Some famous dolphin safari tours and a few hotels are located nearby but the atmosphere in the village is anything but touristy. 

Kizimkazi is a Muslim village so don’t be surprised if you run into a family with two wives or get frowned upon for wearing revealing clothes. Be respectful and take your chance to learn how to live like a real Zanzibarian. 



“My name is Aisha and I have studied IT and Marketing. I am friendly, charming and funny. My hobbies are making friends, cooking and travelling. Staying with locals in Zanzibar will spice up your trip!”


22 EUR / person / day

22 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
24 EUR if you stay for 4-6 days
28 EUR if you stay for 2-3 days

  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • bedsheets, towels and mosquito nets
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup by foot from Kizimkazi daladala stop

Notice! There is no electricity and therefore no electric light or fans in some of the homes. If you absolutely need them, let us know it when you book the trip and we'll allocate you to a family that has them if possible.

Here windows are not made of glass, but mosquito net. That is how you get fresh air in the room even without a fan.

Here windows are not made of glass, but mosquito net. That is how you get fresh air in the room even without a fan.

This is how the village looks at 6 AM. You will probably use this street a lot while in Kizimkazi. 

This is how the village looks at 6 AM. You will probably use this street a lot while in Kizimkazi. 

If you want to blend in with locals, you can follow their example and cover your head. However, covering knees and shoulders is enough.

If you want to blend in with locals, you can follow their example and cover your head. However, covering knees and shoulders is enough.


  • Fish with the local fishermen (be active to meet the right people). 
  • Get up at 6AM and see the sunrise at the fish auction. Definitely recommended. 
  • Cook - Zanzibar is known for its spices. Learn how to use them! 
  • Have lunch at a local guesthouse in the village. Delicious!
  • Swim in the turquoise ocean with dolphins – but remember to respect the animals.


RATINGS (8 in total)

The overall rating 

Average 4/5. 

Average 4/5. 

Communication with the Duara contact

Average 4,5/5

Average 4,5/5

Hospitality of the host family

Average 4,1/5

Average 4,1/5

Facilities of the home you stayed in

Average 3,8/5

Average 3,8/5

Sense of security in the village

Average 4,5/5

Average 4,5/5



Stayed in kizimkazi february 2017

"Overall, the experience was good. Learning to know a local family and sharing the days with them was great. And also the beaty of Zanzibar." 


JAN-FEB 2017

"For me it was a perfect stay. I got a lot for small money. 
The host was very friendly and extremly helpful.
The food was delicous, especially the fish-soup was first class spicy with ginger.
I was very surprised about that.
I came for fishing. I can catch a Giant trevally with 25 kg.
So for me Duara travels was the right decision."


"He was more than a family, friendly and understanding. We learnt about different people's interests."

Martin's host family


AISKA & TINTTI, finLAND, STAYED IN kizimkazi october 2016

"We stayed in fisherman’s village Kizimkazi, two nights in the end of October.  Kizimkazi is small, beautiful and peaceful place, which welcomed us nicely.

Our host was Aisha and her family.  We met many relatives and friends of Aisha, and were able to see different activities in the village and home done – not so much participate in them though. As our Swahili was even more limited than English spoken in the village we had some communication problems, especially with timings & numbers.  

Most exciting experience was to join one of the fishing boats early in the morning and see over 300 kilos sardines caught from sea.  It was done by diving and with different nets and it was worth of seeing indeed. Plus fried fish made by our host was an excellent supper!

The weather in Kizimkazi was very hot and humid, so maybe the end of October was not the best time to travel there.  But if you want to see an original, not touristy Muslim-village and see life of the community, this could be your choice."



“This experience was a true eye opener! Life in this village community was so authentic and on our very first day we got straight into living with the local mamas. Spending our days with local people and children was so fascinating and we were so pleased that tourism was not to be seen anywhere except on the beach. Nearly no one spoke English but still the entire village community really did their best to communicate with us and our poor swahili. We went dolphin swimming with the boys of the family, fishing with the father, washed our laundry with local mamas, played Finnish board games with our host family and prepared and ate dinner together with the family. We edited as many travel vlogs of our stay in this village as we could, because we really enjoyed every minute of our stay in Kizimkazi! We definitely recommend this village community to anyone who wants to experience how real locals live in Zanzibar.”


JUho and linda
FINLAND, stayed in kizimkazi june 2016

"We spent two unforgettable days Kizimkazi with laughing Aisha and her friends who were a bit crazy in a good way. In the mornings we went swimming with wild dolphins that were hanging in front of Kizimkazi beach and in the afternoons we enjoyed the relaxed village life. The atmosphere in Kizimkazi was pleasant and peaceful – if was only disturbed couple of times per day when tourist groups arrived to the beach for dolphin tours. It felt nice and exclusive to get to live with locals in this village where tourists usually just drop by to pay a visit for couple of hours.

With Aisha we were able to see everyday life in the village and participate different activities. We for example joined a neighbourhood disco, where local girls danced local dances and sang loud on top of the music. We ate fish and freshly baked bread that were shared on the same plate while sitting on the kitchen floor. For little extra payment Aisha also gave us massage and made really nice henna tattoos."



"We spent two nights in Kizimkazi. Although we didn’t have a common language, the family made us feel very welcome. Hawa, our 21 year old “guide”, was really helpful and took us to the village, to the beach, to the dolphin tour (which is a local speciality but a bit unpleasant while motorboats are chasing dolphins for tourists to see) etc. After some tension in the beginning the atmosphere was very good throughout the entire stay. We got awesome food and experienced well the african hospitality and everyday (family) life."



stayed in Kizimkazi April 2016

“My experience in Kizimkazi was interesting. It was a good way to see and feel local way of living. The village is small and not so much happening around so you can really focus on sharing the daily activities such as cooking. It was really nice to learn how to cook local dishes. Nearby beach I also met nice local people who spoke English and showed me around and I could participate a lovely dolphin tour. So beautiful experience to swim with those smart animals! Thank you!”



watch the video of IKILOMALLA vloggers who visited Kizimkazi and joined a fishing trip with their host FATHER. See the video in Youtube to be able to see the English subtitles.

Click the subtitles button in the left hand corner of the video upload to see the English subtitles.


You can reach Kizimkazi by daladala (local minibus) from Stonetown in about two hours. The buses stop running sometime in the late afternoon so head to the Mwanakwerekwe bus stop during daytime. The bus won’t cost you more than a couple dollars. You can always take a taxi if you’re not in the mood for a crowded and bumpy ride. 


Congratulations! You are one step closer to Kizimkazi.

Book your stay by filling in this form and we will get back to you in 48 hours. Notice that things in these villages do not always work as fast as you might be used to. The Duara Contact will need some time to organise things. We hope to receive your booking at least seven (7) days before the beginning of your stay.  

Elina from Duara is ready to answer your questions. Just send an email to elina@duaratravels.com.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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