Learn to fish Tamil style

  • Coastal town
  • Hindu temples 
  • Tamil culture

Kalkudah is surrounded by paradise beaches waiting for you to explore them. Join the fishermen throwing nets into the blue ocean or take a taxi boat to an island in the middle of a lagoon. You can find totally private, untouched white sands and warm waters.

In this coastal town you get to dive into depths of the unique culture of Sri Lankan Tamils, a minority which, until a few years back, faced oppression for decades. Despite the rough history - or perhaps because of it - these people have a special twinkle of life in their eyes. 

After the tsunami in 2004 destroyed the little tourism activities locals were involved in, most profits have been slipping into foreign pockets through all-inclusive resorts by the beach. Currently most people in Kalkudah rely on fishing and small businesses.  By staying in this Duara village you help direct tourism income back to locals.

The Tamil cuisine is mostly based on vegetarian ingredients, but you might get some fresh fish, too. Learn a few words in Tamil language beforehand to give your hosts a happy surprise!   

The Tamil cuisine is mostly based on vegetarian ingredients, but you might get some fresh fish, too. Learn a few words in Tamil language beforehand to give your hosts a happy surprise! 




“My name is Prathap. I am working as a technical officer in a 5-star hotel. I’m really happy to be a member of Duara because I can meet many kinds of people and share our real life with them.”

PRICE of the stay IN KALKUDAH:

36 EUR / person / day

36 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
40 EUR if you stay for 4–6 days
46 EUR if you stay for 2–3 days


  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan, bedsheets and towels 
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup from Valaichchenai bus station

Things to do IN KALKUDAH:

  • Most Tamils are Hindus and during Hindu holidays the burst of colours in clothing and decorations is astonishing. Join your family at the temple, especially during ceremonies. 
  • Shop local handicrafts made by the Koralaipattu Producers Group consisting of your neighbours. They can teach you how it’s done!
  • Join fishermen at sea. 
  • Take a boat to a lagoon island for a swim.
  • Learn how to make the famous flower garlands used to welcome guests. 



The overall experience

Communication with Duara Contact

Hospitality of the host family

Sense of security in the village

Facilities in the home you stayed in



"Staying with the family in Kalkudah with neighbors and relatives coming and going in the house certainly was an experience different from life at home in Finland. Accommodation was simple, food excellent and adventures to the nearby beach on a motorbike with other ladies hilarious. Apart from cooking there is not that much to do at home, so is you stay multiple days be prepared to plan for some program yourself." 

HANNA, finnish traveller, visited kalkudah november 2016


"We were very happy because we met different kind of foreign person and we were able to show her around in the society and share everything with her."



"At first, we were a little disappointed: the place didn't meet our expectations. Before to arrive, we imagined a small village of fishermen near the sea in a untouristic place. Finally, the place is quite touristic and our host was not fisherman but a tuk tuk driver! However, it was nice to visit  all around with him, spend some time on the beach at the end of the days with local people and with him and his family at home (and more of that, I realized one of my biggest dream: I drove a tuk tuk!!)."

TONY AND LAEtitia, french bloggers, visited kalkudah october 2016


"Staying with Duara in Kalkudah felt like if I was introduced to a friends friend. They were expecting me and arranged everything like agreed. Yet, it did not feel like I was anonymus guest, but a friend. The host and her relatives and neighbours liked to show their area and culture to me. It gave a very differently warm and safe feeling than being a tourist. All this despite limited common language. Food was also great! Even when something was missing (like towel and mosquito net at arrival) everything was arranged for the night and I have no complaints!"



Take a bus directly to Valaichchenai bus stand or to Batticaloa, which is another 30 minute bus ride away. Bus routes are available from most big towns such as Colombo, Kandy or Arugam Bay. You can also catch a night train from Colombo to Batticaloa. You will be picked up from Valaichchenai bus stand by tuk tuk. 

If you want to keep things simple, you can always just get a taxi. From Colombo the drive takes about 8 hours and costs around 120€. 


Congratulations! You are one step closer to Kalkudah.

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