Behind the scenes of the popular East Coast

  • Endless white beaches
  • Local and foreign friends
  • Behind the scenes

Have you ever thought about where the poolboy or waitress from your hotel live? What are their homes like? In Jambiani you might just get the answer.

The main source of income is tourism so you won’t be the only foreigner around. However, living in the village instead of a hotel will give you a first hand account on how this touristic coast functions from the inside out.

Jambiani is a village on the picturesque Southeast coast of Zanzibar island. The village panorama is unique with its white and grey houses framed with palm trees.

The atmosphere in this old Muslim village is something you won’t find on mainland Tanzania. Enjoy the energy and remember to respect the culture - tank top and mini shorts might not be the best idea (except on the beach).





“My name is Aisha and I have studied IT and and Marketing. I am friendly, charming and funny. My hobbies are making friends, cooking and travelling. Staying with locals in Zanzibar will spice up your trip!”


24 EUR / person / day

24 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
26 EUR if you stay for 4-6 days
30 EUR if you stay for 2-3 days


  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • bedsheets, towels and mosquito nets
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup by foot from Jambiani daladala stop

Notice! There is no electricity and therefore no electric light or fans in some of the homes. If you absolutely need them, let us know it when you book the trip and we'll allocate you to a family that has them.

This mama works as a massouse in a hotel. Ask if you can tag along to work some day.

This mama works as a massouse in a hotel. Ask if you can tag along to work some day.

Abuu's family is a big one. You'll fit right in. 

Abuu's family is a big one. You'll fit right in. 

These girls learn English by watching TV and going to an afternoon school. And by talking with you!

These girls learn English by watching TV and going to an afternoon school. And by talking with you!

things to do IN JAMBIANI:

  • Play football with local boys on the beach (ask around to find out when!). 
  • Join your mama or baba at work at a hotel for a behind the scenes experience.
  • Get to know the best spots on the East Coast such as “The Rock”.
  • Snorkel in the turquoise waters.



Overall rating of the stay

Communication with the Duara Contact

Hospitality of the host family

Sense of security in the village

Facilities in the home you stayed at


"Great opportunity to spend time with a local family. This gives you access and a sense of belonging to walk in the village behind all the resorts. You are able to see how traditional meals are prepared and play games with the local children. Although communication can be hindered by some language barriers, the experience is still worth it. Your comfort zone may be pushed because the culture can be very different from your own. If you go into this with an open mind and wanting to learn how people here live, this is the opportunity you should take. Remember, you will live how this local family lives so do not expect a glamorous stay. We had clean sheets and room to ourselves, which is all we needed. The food was very tasty! But you will be served a whole fish with eyes included, a first for us. Overall, our host family was very kind to us and we will remember this trip for the rest of our lives."

Kerrie and curtis, canadian travellers, visited jambiani december 2016


"The best thing was to get to know each other. We had really fun together.

We were able to save about half of the payment. With the future savings we are planning to open a retail shop."

The host family of Kerrie and Curtis


"Jambiani is a beautiful white sand beach destination full of tourists sunbathing in resorts. The first row of houses on the beach are resorts, hotels and restaurants. After the first row of houses starts the village community, so there is a lot more to see here than just the beach. 

It was interesting to experience local life outside of the walls of resorts. The parents of our host family both worked in resorts and we were able to witness what an average day for them is at work. We also got to see how locals build their houses, how the beach boys pick coconuts from trees and sell them to tourists, how cassava root is planted and harvested in fields and how local boys practice and play food ball. 

This was a very interesting week for us. If you are coming to Jambiani for a beach holiday, we definitely recommend to stay with locals instead of resorts. You will experience so much more here on the village."

TITTA & THOMAS, FINNISH TRAVELLERS / TRAVEL BLOGGERS, stayed in Jambiani september 2016

Watch the video from Ikilomalla travel Vloggers who visited Jambiani. To be able to see the English subtitles, watch the video in Youtube.

Click the subtitles button in the left hand corner of the video upload to see the English subtitles.


You can reach Jambiani by daladala (local minibus) from Stonetown in about two hours. The buses stop running sometime in late afternoon so head to the Mwanakwerekwe bus stop during daytime. The bus won’t cost you more than a couple euros. You can always take a taxi if you’re not in the mood for a crowded and bumpy ride.


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