Countryside tranquility and space

  • House pets
  • Fishing and farming 
  • Family first

Unlike many Vietnamese villages, here houses are built with more space between them, giving it a real countryside feeling. Family ties are very important and you’ll find that most people are somehow related. 

Get ready for pigs, cows, puppies, cats and grandmas running around your yard. Life here is very self-sustained. Most of your food will be coming from the surrounding fields, fish ponds and yards. 

Like most of Vietnam, this village is moderately Buddhist, but religion is generally not in the forefront of daily life. Ancestors play an important role in worship and festivities. 

Most Vietnamese people sleep on beds without mattresses in the summertime - because it’s cooler! Feel free to ask for a mattress if you’re not ready to test your limits. Most families have them in store for the winter. 



PRICE of the stay IN HUONG NON:

26 EUR / person / day

26 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
28 EUR if you stay for 4–6 days
32 EUR if you stay for 2–3 days


  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan, bedsheets and towels
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup from the bus station


Things to do IN HUONG NON:

  • Sing karaoke with your host family. 
  • Let the local boys take you fishing in the ponds.
  • Feed the puppies, chase the pig and kill the rooster for dinner.
  • Try how it is to work on a rice field or do some gardening.
  • Learn the secrets of world famous Vietnamese cuisine. 
  • Visit the local market and buy ingredients for the meal you cook with your host.
  • Drive around with a motorcycle.


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Finnish traveller
VISITED huong non
february 2017

“When I arrived to Huong Non I thought I had arrived to the wrong place. In my head I was expecting a remote village in the countryside with a green landscape, but in reality the weather was grey and the surroundings were dirty and quite urban.

“Now you probably think that I hated the experience. But I absolutely loved it! I have never met people this friendly in my entire life, and although I didn’t even learn the names of everyone in my host family, I miss them like crazy.”



"We worked on a rice field, went fishing, drove around with motorcycles, attended a local wedding, drank snake wine, sang karaoke, fed the animals, made amazing food and took care of the farm. We had the most amazing time, and five days went by way faster than I expected. 

I recommend this experience for everyone who wants to make the most out of traveling, and not only do the touristy stuff abroad. I learned so much about Vietnamese culture and also some basic Vietnamese which came in handy when bargaining later on. 

For anyone going to Huong Non or other Duara villages: Keep an open mind, attend EVERY activity you are invited in, have loads of fun and download the local language on Google Translate. You will have an unforgettable experience."


"The best thing was that he learned more about culture, lifestyle and daily activities of local vietnamese people in countryside. We also learned from foreign culture.

We will use the money we received to make our lives better and to help the poor people in the village."



Take a bus from Hanoi (My Dinh station). It only takes two hours, and even less by taxi. 


Congratulations! You are one step closer to Huong Non.

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