Text by DUARA’s partners Aishwarya and Gabrielle from Gemtrack

pictures from gemtrack & duara travels


When we finally arrive in our dream holiday destination, instead of pristine landscapes, we too often find ourselves crammed with other tourists. Our dream destination isn’t just ours – there are hundreds of thousands who share the same itinerary. And that is not our dream. Oh, why can’t we all have a local friend showing us around?


using the help of experts allows you to travel deeper – and more responsibly

Gemtrack is an up and coming travel company that is offering exactly this service: being your trusted friend in the area who will give you personalised recommendations, tips and a basic guide to the destination.

With destination experts in Goa, Sri Lanka, Bali & Lombok, Gemtrack has launched ebooks for these areas for travellers who wish to dive into nature, culture and community in a novel and conscious way.

For example, Gemtrack can help if you want to learn more about Indonesian cooking or how to make offerings for religious ceremonies. Or if you are interested in Sri Lanka outside the touristy areas and would like to slow down for a few days and discover something completely new.

That’s where Duara Travels is happy to collaborate with Gemtrack, and bring their free ebooks to the travellers. These ebooks are wholesome guides for their destinations and combined with village stays can help travellers to find what they are looking for: real experiences.


slow down and look beyond the ‘must-sees’

The benefit of using their ebooks to plan your trip is that not only you get a handpicked selection of the best restaurants, cafes, sustainability projects and places to stay, but you also get information about the destination and how to respect the local culture, the do’s and don't’s which help you to be respectful, tips for making a positive impact in an area – from ways to mitigate environmental damage to how to vote with your wallet and ensure that you support local communities.

Having experts guiding you in a destination also means that you can avoid the neverending research, going through the same blogs and itineraries as everyone else. It can also save costs and lower your daily expenses – which could also mean that you get to travel for longer. And slower, and thus see and experience more.

Slow tourism means moving at a pace that allows rediscovery. It is about disconnecting with the stress and speed of travelling – and connecting with locals, with culture, with yourself and with nature.