When we travel we want to meet local people and see real life. We dream about being treated as family members, not as guests. Most of all we want to value and benefit locals wherever we go. Also in Finland.



Duara Travels started operations in 2015 when the original founders found it difficult to discover the daily life of the locals in the countries they were travelling. In addition, they were frustrated about the fact that so many rural villages and local people were not getting any incomes about tourism, which is still the main industry of many countries.  

Now that Duara Travels has been operating for some years and we have 8 countries with a total of 28 villages in Asia and Africa, we have decided to answer for those who have so many times asked Duara villages from Finland! The first Finnish villages will open in autumn 2019, but here under you can read more about the reasons why we have decided to add Finland to our destinations.


Finnish countryside is getting deserted

Although the original idea of Duara has been to focus on the Global South where the income level of local people is lower than in Europe, the aim has also been to help rural areas to increase their income and self-employment level, and to become economically more sustainable. Therefore, we totally agree with those, who have asked us to develop the concept in Finland as well. We have been contacted especially by the chiefs of small municipalities, project coordinators of rural tourism programs and many others who have asked: “Why don’t you do that in Finland?”

As in various countries, also in Finland, the countryside is becoming more and more deserted and many of the daily services have moved to bigger cities. Public transportation to some areas is getting more rare and locals have to move to the cities for work.

However, there are still plenty of people who want to stay in their home villages and maintain their original farm works or handicraft professions – and some that are using new technologies for remote working.


Why Finland?

The whole Duara team is originally Finnish and the company is being operated from Finland. We have ourselves lived and travelled in different areas of Finland, but even for us there are still plenty of areas that we don’t know!

Finland is full of places that many locals – let alone foreigners – don’t know anything about, and villages with active community groups that are trying to empower the whole area.

Did you know that that almost all the houses in Finland have a sauna and everyone knows how to heat it? Or that during summer time locals go to public places nearby the lakes to wash their carpets? And that many houses have their kitchen closets full of plastic jars for saving berries in the freezer for the winter? Finns also spend incredibly lot of time in nature. Forests are full of paths and public fireplaces for grilling sausages during hikes or skiing trips. Still, travellers rarely have possibilities to discover these activities and places.



Tourism is growing in Finland, more than ever, but it is also very strongly focused on certain areas in Lapland or Southern Finland. This is due to the international flights heading only to a few airports in Finland, but also to the fact that tourism development has been small in Finland until now. We have discovered that there are many beautiful villages in Finland, with a lot of potential for visitors, but no-one knows about them. 

After talking with locals, we have realised that many would be happy to get a piece of those tourists visiting Finland – they would love to show their area and culture, and to learn from the travellers and their countries! And of course, many communities struggling with the jobs would find it helpful to get some extra incomes through tourism.

Stay tuned to learn more about this discovery journey!


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