We are looking for the adventurers, the dreamers and the changemakers to work with us


We are looking for the adventurers, the dreamers and the changemakers to work with us

Explore the world for free and work with local communities
– Become a Duara Ambassador

Are you bored with the backpacking scene, party hostels and crowded destinations? Do you question the impact of Airbnb and Couchsurfing, where hosts are usually expats or rich locals? Have you thought about volunteering, but it is too expensive and takes too much time?

Do you want to be the first traveller in villages no other foreigners have stayed in before?

Travel the globe in a responsible way. Become a Duara Ambassador.

You can become a Duara Ambassador if you:


Have experience in using peer-to-peer services such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Wwoofing or other.


Have good social skills and genuine interest towards responsible travel and foreign cultures.

Are native in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and a passionate photographer.


Are fluent in English and can possibly speak other languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Asian and African languages).

Have an extended travel history outside Europe, U.S. and Australia.

Are eager to stay in one of our new villages for three nights during your holiday.

As a Duara Ambassador you get:

  • A unique, short-term volunteering experience (3 nights)
  • A chance to stay in an undiscovered village
  • Certainty that you are doing work with a purpose
  • A deeper understanding of the local culture and chance to share your culture with locals 
  • A family and friends abroad – and many unforgettable stories
  • Free homestay accommodation and all meals while in the village

At the moment we are especially looking for Ambassadors to our three villages in Kenya

  Gacharageini village, Aberdare, Central Kenya

Gacharageini village, Aberdare, Central Kenya

You are also welcome to discover these villages as a Duara Ambassador:

We have a bunch of villages that have announced their interest in hosting travellers. These villages are found in Guatemala, India, Kenya, South Africa and Nepal. Let us know where you would like to become a Duara Ambassador and when you are able to travel.

If you have a potential village in mind with a local English-speaking contact person in some other country, let us know about it here.

If you already booked flights to another destination and want to become a Duara Ambassador, let us know about it. We constantly get requests from around the world and might know a potential village for you to explore. Fill in the form below or send an email to elina@duaratravels.com.

As an Ambassador your tasks are: 

Brief the local English-speaking Duara contact person according to our concept guidelines. Print out the material before going to the village.

Stay in one host family for 3 nights and meet the other families as well as the savings group. Brief them together with the Duara contact and ask them to sign the agreements.

Take a lot of good quality pictures and video footage of the village, the families and the activities you join for our website and social media channels.

Give Duara detailed feedback after your stay and create a profile for the village on our website together with us.

Want to become a Duara Ambassador?

Do you want to work with Duara? Fill in this form or email Elina at elina@duaratravels.com to let us know where and when you would like to travel. We will get back to you for more details.

We are currently searching for partners to share the costs of the program. If you are interested in partnering the program email Annika at annika@duaratravels.com.

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