Throw yourself into farmer's life

  • Farm life
  • Mountain hikes
  • Plenty of village activities

This farmers village is full of activities. Play volleyball or Corona with the villagers, milk a cow, climb a coconut tree, swim in the lakes and hike the neighbouring mountain: a famous pilgrimage destination for Catholic Sri Lankans.

Most villagers live off rice fields and animal husbandry. Here you can learn about real farm life and local customs. These people will do their best to involve you in their daily life. 

The famous Ritigala mountain and the natural reserve around it provide various day trip opportunities. Feel the Jungle Book vibes at the ruins of ancient Ritigala city and spot wild elephants on the way there. If you feel like it, have a picnic at the lake built by an ancient king in the 1st century AD.

Trying to beat locals in Corona isn't easy - they have their own set of rules. This family used their first Duara savings to install windows to the guest room. More income from travellers will allow them to do the same in other rooms, as well. 

Trying to beat locals in Corona isn't easy - they have their own set of rules. This family used their first Duara savings to install windows to the guest room. More income from travellers will allow them to do the same in other rooms, as well. 


“I am Jayasiri. I have a generous heart and I’m willing to help others in need. I also have an ability to face challenging situations, which is something I learnt from the Seminary as I was doing Philosophy.”


28 EUR / person / day

28 EUR if you stay for 7+ days
30 EUR if you stay for 4–6 days
34 EUR if you stay for 2–3 days


  • homestay accommodation in a private room with a lock
  • shared toilet and washing room
  • electricity, fan and bedsheets
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • possibility to join daily activities in the community
  • pickup from Alagollewa bus station

houses of the duara families in the village


Things to do IN ALAGOLLEWA:

  • Feed the farm animals and learn how to milk a cow
  • Join your family on the rice field or chili plantations
  • Play volleyball or Corona with locals
  • Take a swim in the ponds nearby (in wet season)
  • Hike the famous pilgrimage mountain and follow the statues of the resurrection of Jesus
  • Prepare local sweets with your host family
  • Learn how to make clay pots in the neighbouring pottery village
  • Get yourself a new haircut at the local barber
  • Take a daytrip to Ritigala mountain, the highest mountain in North-Central dry plains of the island, and explore the ancient ruins in the jungle with monkeys. (Notice: transportation costs are not included in Duara stay) 
  • Grab a tuktuk and have a picnic at Hurulu Wewa lake that was built by King Mahasen in the 1st century AD.



15% of your payment goes to a local savings group in each Duara village. In Alagollawa there is not just one savings group but three that are sharing the payment in equal parts. One is the Elders Society that uses money for seeds and plants that they grow and then sell. The other two mostly consist of women giving micro loans to the group members. These low interest loans are meant for self-employment, such as having a cow or running a kiosk.


"This was my second Duara stay and I almost have no words to describe it. We spent four nights there, me, my wife and our baby girl. But as time slows down when you are on the countryside without internet and the other attractions it felt like a week or two. And still, we would have wanted to stay longer. So what can I say. We started to feel like part of the family since the day two and it was really hard to leave this place. We got the most heartwarming welcome and company during our stay. Father, Silvester didn’t speak english at all, but that didn’t stop us joking and laughing. He even taught me how to climb in coconut tree! Village itself is really beautiful and kind of dreamy place but you won’t get bored there even if you do not want just to relax and drink tea. Just pick up activity you prefer: go fishing or swimming or hike on some mountain for the view or invite yourself to play volleyball with locals. We’re all missing those truly heartwarming people and definitely planning to go back there, if not sooner then later. I have been thinking that expression “life changing experience” is just some pretty words, but actually, maybe that’s the way I could describe our stay!"



" The best thing of the visit was to experience humanity of all the people have world wide. We learned ways to understand and help each other.

With the future savings we will complete the rest of the work of our house."

The host family for lauri and his family


Alagollewa is situated in between Dambulla and Anuradhapura. By car it takes about 45 minutes from each of those destinations.

If you’re coming from Kandy or Dambulla by bus, take the bus towards Anuradhapura and get off at Kekirawa town that is 15km away from Alagollawa. Also the train that goes to the east coast stops there. From there continue on a bus to Alagollewa (direction Galenbidunuwewa). There are three buses per day.  

The bus ride from Colombo takes about five hours. Hop on the bus towards Anuradhapura (via Dambulla) and get off at Kekirawa. From there continue to Galenbidunuwewa to reach Alagollewa.



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